Dudley Zopp returns to Louisville to participate in “AFLOAT: an Ohio River Way of Life.”

Dudley Zopp, former Louisville artist and Zephyr Gallery member, will exhibit this summer at the Moremen Gallery as another exhibition in the series of historic and contemporary art exhibitions celebrating the Ohio River, that are grouped under the banner of AFLOAT: An Ohio River Way of Life.

Dudley Zopp / Landscapes, Vessels and Jars / June 7 thru July 6

Dudley Zopp / Landscapes, Vessels and Jars / June 7 thru July 6

Beginning this past January with the Filson Historical Society’s exhibition, “Shantyboat Life on the Ohio” galleries, institutions and advocacy organizations throughout Louisville have joined together to present exhibitions, lectures and a variety of other activities focusing on the centrality of the Ohio River to life in Louisville and its region. This June 7th through July 6th, the Moremen Gallery joins the AFLOAT consortium to present an exhibition by Dudley Zopp.

A Kentucky native, Zopp, now living in Maine, is inspired by both geologic processes and cultural histories, and her studio practice, which encompasses site-specific installations as well as painting , drawing, woodcuts and artist bookmaking, is a natural for inclusion in AFLOAT since both physical and social history of Louisville are intimately bound by the ideas that inspire her art. Her exhibition is titled “Landscapes, Vessels and Jars” and obviously refers to both Louisville’s setting and its ongoing commercial engagement as a shipping center that springs from its location.

Moremen Gallery, recently relocated to710 W Main St, (Second floor), is a contemporary art gallery that actively presents new work by emerging and mid-career artists. Zopp has completed in a number of residencies at geologically significant sites in Newfoundland, Spain and Italy, and most recently at the University of Maine in Orono. She has exhibited widely at galleries, universities and museums in New England and the Midwest and is included in more than 30 public collections including Yale University’s Haas Art Library. She has not had a Louisville solo exhibition since her 1999 show at Galerie Hertz, so the Moremen exhibition offers a special opportunity to catch up with an artist who studied both at the University of Kentucky and the Hite Art Institute at the University of Louisville and was a significant member of the Louisville visual art scene until her move to Maine in 1996.

More Information about Zopp, Moremen Gallery and  AFLOAT can be obtained by visiting the following websites   - www.dudleyzopp.com; www.moremengallery.com; www.afloatontheohio.com.


Dudley Zopp / Landscapes, Vessels and Jars / June 7 thru July 6

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