River City Paddlesports, REI Cincinnati and the Ohio River Recreational Trail Committee are seeking kindred spirits to paddle 30-foot-long voyageur canoes the full distance from Cincinnati, OH to Louisville, KY on the Ohio River Recreational Trail.   It will be long days and at times before dawn or night paddling on the beautiful Ohio River.  Each evening we will camp in river town campsites, a truck and trailer will meet us on the river carrying all the gear.  All the group equipment, canoes, paddles, life jackets, transportation and meals will be provided.

  • Have an adventure paddling 128 miles on the Ohio River Recreational Trail.

  • Learn about and document the historical, ecological and cultural Ohio River sites.

  • Assist the Ohio River Recreational Trail initiative by: 1) Assess each public access site using the National Park Service protocols.  2) Collect Ohio River Stories:  photos, videos, drone videos and narrative descriptions for the Ohio River Digital Guide.

  • Visit the river towns of Rising Sun, Vevay, Carrollton, Madison, Payne Hollow and Westport and promote paddle sports and the Ohio River Recreational Trail to all river towns.

The four-day trip is a fundraiser for the Ohio River Recreational Trail and a service project to collect the local data, photos and stories while being a true adventure on the river. Each participant must raise or donate $325 dollars for the 4-day trip.  The donation can be in cash or in part in-kind services.  

Participants must provide their own camping and personal equipment, we will be canoeing many miles each day, at times up to 10 hours at a stretch.  Participants must be physically healthy, in good shape and in good spirits!

Click HERE to complete the application so you can be considered as part of our crew.  

Dr. David Wicks, dwicks1@gmail.com

Owen Nyswonger, onyswon@rei.com