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AFLOAT Sundays: A Belleload of Knowledge Cruise on the Belle of Louisville

On September 22nd, join AFLOAT on the Belle of Louisville for A Belleload of Knowledge, a cruise takes its name from the 1824-1825 keelboat trip of leading artists, writers and scientists from Philadelphia down the Ohio from Pittsburgh to New Harmony, Indiana. Known as the "Boatload of Knowledge," it was the greatest assembly of American thinkers to that date.

Inspired by this historic event, we plan to load the Belle of Louisville with a group of scholars, writers, musicians and experts on a 3 hour cruise. Travelers will have an opportunity to have one-on-one informal chats with these experts and artistic talents on a wide variety of subjects pertaining to the Ohio River, including fish and mussels; the histories of local landmarks like Jeffboat, Louisville Water Company, Fort Duffield and McAlpine Locks and Dam; Native Americans, the Ohio as the River Jordan for African Americans, and women and the River; and environmental, ecological and preservation groups. Performances tied to the Ohio River and its musical traditions will also be featured.

Sponsored by Louisville Visual Art, organizations participating in A Belleload of Knowledge include Filson Historical Society, Frazier History Museum, Portland Museum, Carnegie Center for Art and History, Louisville Free Public Library, University of Louisville's Center for Sustainability, Commonwealth Center for Humanities and Society, Howard Steamboat Museum, and Crane House, among others.

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The cruise will set off at 5pm, docking at 8pm. Boarding begins at 4:30pm. 401 West River Road, Louisville, KY 40202. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for up-to-date information, and visit our website